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Organic White Wine


Varieties: 100% Barrel Fermented Chardonnay

A dry ‘Crianza’ style white wine, made exclusively from the estate’s very best Chardonnay vines and only from the best harvests. As a result of careful processing, this wine displays an intensity of expression in terms of aroma and flavour that only the greatest white wines can deliver after several years of maturation in the bottle. ​


WINEMAKING: Only own harvest. Exclusively hand picked selection of the best Chardonnay from our organic vines with further selection at the bodega. The first must is obtained from the freshly picked grapes using a gentle pneumatic press. The most is then clarified by natural static decanting precipitation and fermented in oak barrels from the best French oak forests.


AGEING: Following fermentation, 8 months in contact with the lees in the same oak barrels. After bottling, the wine will mature for at least 6 months in our underground bodega.

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